Olive and cheese penguins

Olive and cheese penguins

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Ingredients for Cooking Olive and Cheese Penguins

  1. Large olives (black) 25 pieces
  2. Olives of medium size (black) 25 pieces
  3. Medium-sized carrot 1 piece
  4. soft cheese 100 grams
  5. Garlic 2-3 cloves
  6. Parsley to taste
  • Main ingredients: Olives, Cheese
  • Serving: 25 servings


Toothpicks, Cutting board, Knife, Spoon, Bowl, Garlic press, Tray

Cooking penguins from olives and cheese:

Step 1: make legs and beak for penguins.

In order to make the legs and beak of our snack, we need carrots. You can cook it. But I do not recommend doing this, because the carrot after cooking becomes softer and can poorly hold the shape of the spout or legs. So, take a knife and cut our orange vegetable across the slices on a cutting board. Then we cut out a small triangle on each circle. We get the most part - these are the legs, and the smaller segment - the beak.

Step 2: make a tie.

To make a penguin tie on the abdomen, you need soft cheese. It is also called creamy. Cheese can be of any brand, either classic or with the addition of various spices. It tastes salty and soft in texture. But I advise you to take regular cheese without flavoring additives, such as Philadelphia or Feta, and add garlic and herbs to your taste. If you don’t have cream cheese on hand, and there’s no time or desire to look for it specially in the store, then there’s a way out. You can replace this ingredient either with fat cottage cheese or by mixing fat cream with cottage cheese, adding a small portion of butter to this mixture. In addition, these components will give you more freedom in terms of adding spices. Using a knife, cutting board and garlic squeezer, chop the ingredients. We chopped garlic and parsley into a bowl with soft cheese and mix well with a spoon. You can salt to taste. And importantly, do not overdo it with spices, as they can interfere with the taste of cheese and ruin the impression of olives. Thus, you should get a very thick cheese mass, such that it would be possible to sculpt from it like from plasticine. This will greatly facilitate further work with the dish and save your valuable time.

Step 3: make the abdomen.

We have two types of olives: large and smaller. Big ones are needed for the body, and small ones are for the head. We take those olives that are larger, and begin to witch over them. To make an opening for a tie, you need to make a cut along the whole olive with a knife. Then it’s quite simple - with the same knife we ​​fill the opening with cheese mixture. You need to do this so that the space inside the olive is filled, and the cheese mass widens the cut itself. Thus, this place will resemble a light tie on a dark background.

Step 4: make the body of the penguin.

Our penguin will not stand if the spine is not made of a toothpick. We pass a wooden stick through the body of olive. Next, we fix it with the help of a carrot whole foot from the bottom so that the whole structure can stand upright. Thread a toothpick in such a way that the lower part peeping from the body was small in lengthsufficient to attach a carrot foot to it. The upper part can be made as large as you like, because it will be convenient to take your creation for it.

Step 5: make an incision for the beak.

Now take a smaller olive tree and, using a sharp tool, make a triangular cut across it, just below the middle. Can take a knife with a thin narrowed end, so as not to spoil the olive fruit and make the intended action in one motion. The main thing is do not make the incision very large, because the carrot beak may not hold well, as a result of which, it can easily fall off at the most inopportune moment.

Step 6: make a beak and fix the head.

The little olive is ready for further action and you can do the final stage of assembling our miracle. Now we take a piece of the carrot triangle and insert it into the head of our penguin, just in the slot made a little earlier. All body parts are ready. Therefore, we string our heads on a toothpick and our snack is ready.

Step 7: it's time to surprise the guests.

A cheese and olives appetizer is prepared very quickly. Equipped for work and defense, we serve penguins on a tray, decorating our creation with the remaining greens and slices of carrots. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Try to cut carrots with rings of a width sufficient to make your penguin more stable. At this point, it is better to overdo it with a thickness than to make them very thin.

- - The triangular slice of the carrot ring used under the beak, on the contrary, should not be too thick. Since it has a purely decorative function, it can and should be made thinner so as not to spoil the appearance of the dish in the process of turning the ingredients into a penguin's head.

- - For additional decoration of penguins made from olives and cheese, you can take a fresh cucumber, cut into slices and use as hats, planted on a toothpick over your head. In principle, you can use anything for these purposes that suits your taste and appearance. In such dishes you should show your imagination, which will allow you to show off your culinary abilities in front of the guests and not leave anyone indifferent to your efforts.


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