Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar, the yolk, then the flour in the rain. Add the oil and baking powder, stirring gently. Put the composition in a tray lined with baking paper or simply greased and sprinkled with flour. Bake. Test with a toothpick. Allow to cool, then cut into two sheets.


Boil the milk and cream with 3 tablespoons of flour, until it thickens. Allow to cool well. Meanwhile, rub the butter well with 250 grams of powdered sugar. Then mix with cold cream, little by little so that it does not cut.

At the end add 50 g of coconut cream.

Fill the cake with this cream. Top with a very thin layer of cream and the remaining 50 gr. of coconut.

Walnut cake, burnt sugar and maple syrup

Walnut cake, burnt sugar and maple syrup, step by step recipe. How to make a cake with walnuts and grill. Grilled cake with light cream with mascarpone and maple syrup, step by step recipe.

I rarely dare to make a cake and then it must be a special occasion, yes, I still have the opportunity to experiment and post on the blog a cake recipe when I am asked to make one for friends or relatives, otherwise for us simple cakes or pies seem better.

Well, this time it wasn't like that. What I'm showing you today is a simple cake, a walnut cake for Sunday lunch (my daughter is still researching the princess of this unexpected treat and is still wondering what we could celebrate). Let me tell you why: the other day I saw a cake on the foodgawker and suddenly I was struck by inspiration (and only inspiration, because my recipe is completely different). I mean, it was a pumpkin cake (brrrr!) With a cream cheese and maple syrup. That was it, because as far as I'm concerned, the maple syrup is something supreme, it seems perfect to me. I was almost disappointed that the idea of ​​flavoring a cream with it did not occur to me: P!

Because there was no question of a pumpkin countertop, I thought that this cream with maple syrup would make a royal combination with walnuts and burnt sugar. Well, that's how it was: walnut cake, burnt sugar and maple syrup it 's not very decorated, it' s not complicated at all but it 's 100% natural and so buuuuun & # 8230 worthy of crowned heads!

Names of girls by origin

Names of girls of Spanish, Italian, French origin

Aaliyah, Abbey, Abby, Abigail, Abrienda, Acacia, Ada, Addie, Adelie, Adelina, Adelyn, Adonia, Adria, Agrata, Aimee, Aja, Alecia, Alegria, Aleshanee, Alicia, Alison, Alissa, Alka, Allegria, Allyson, Alma, Althea, Amara, Amaryllis, Amaya, Amber, Ami, Amora, Amy, Ananda, Andromeda, Annissa, Aquene, Arden, Argentina, Arianthe, Aris, Aryan, Asha, Atalanta, Augusta, Augustina, Awinita, Aziza, Bai, Barbara, Beth, Betina, Betsy, Betty, Beverly, Bhavna, Bonita, Bonnie, Brinda, Calista, Callia, Carlia, Carlita, Carmen, Carolina, Carolyn, Casilda, Cassandra, Cassie, Chabela, Chameli, Channon, Charisma, Chiquita, Christa, Christabel, Cielo, Clarissa, Clementina, Cocheta, Coralia, Corinthia, Cybele, Daruka, Debbie

Debra, Delores, Dida, Dolores, Dooriya, Ekanta, Esmeralda, Euridice, Fahima, Fernanda, Flavia, Frederica, Freira, Gambhiri, Gracie, Graciela, Havana, Heba, Hecuba, Hosanna, Ignacia, Indigo, Isra, Istas, Ivy, Jain, Jaya, Jimena, Jocasta, Juana, Kalida, Kalinda, Kalista, Kami, Kavindra, Kisa, Krishna, Labonita, Latika, Leonor, Lola, Lolita, Mabel, Macarena, Macha, Madeline, Magdalen, Mahari, Makara, Maribel, Melba, Melissa, Memphis, Mercedes, Mora, Muna, Nabila, Nailah, Nalini, Namid, Nasira, Neena, Niabi, Noelia, Noella, Noor, Novia, Nuria, Ofelia, Omana, Osceola, Paloma, Panthea, Pemota, Penelope, Perla, Ramya, Rhea, Rini, Rosaline, Saima, Sakina, Sakura, Samara, Sanura, Sheba, Sheela, Simra, Soledad, Somatra, Sonia, Sonora, Sumitra, Taipa, Tamera, Tanika, Tarika, Tazara, Tereza, Tessa, Thalia, Theresa, Tristana, Vandana, Vanida, Vasanta, Ventura, Vinata, Zamora, Zandra, Zarita, Zaviera, Zina, Zoe, Zonta.

Names of girls of Greek origin

Acacia, Adonia, Aphrodite, Althea, Amaryllis, Arianthe, Aris, Artemis, Calypso, Electra, Eleftheria, Hadria, Hecuba, Irene, Kalonice, Kassandra, Katherine, Kyra, Lethia.

Names of girls of American origin

Angeni, Aquene, Chanter, Chapa, Chickoa, Dehateh, Evea, Hateya, Imala, Insula, Kabecka, Kilenya, Kirima, Lahoma

Names of girls of German origin

Names of girls of Arab origin

Aisha, Alima, Amena, Aziza, Basma, Bushra, Fathia, Gizeh, Jamila, Kamari, Latifah, Leila, Mahdi, Rania

Names of rare girls

Chelsea, Emerald, Anaya, Bethania, Cinderella, Cynthia, Die, Delilah, Faith, Heaven, Midori, Serena.

Free birthday photos

Find pictures with Birthday Bouquet. Free for commercial use No attribution required No copyright. Download all the photos and use them even for commercial projects. It was a big holiday in the family of Cătălin Măruță and Andrei. The artist celebrated her birthday this weekend. Singer Andra celebrated her birthday on August 23rd. The artist turned 34 years old and had an honorable party with her husband, the television presenter Cătălin Măruță, but also with their two children, David. Birthday cards are suitable for anyone who wants to make a wish for a name day, in a creative way. Choose from birthday cards depending on the type of message you want to send: funny, soulful, friendly, cool, serious, etc. The wide range of birthday cards offers you. Baby Cartoons from Birthday Gift Photos $ 29.99 Get a funny and charming cartoon of your baby that will be hand drawn in colorful realistic digital style from the most beautiful photo you need to attach below

Timișoreana, fundraising campaign for doctors 1 million lei to the Red Cross I'm still dancing, I'm still floating. My day is every day because I can, Mihaela wrote next to some photos in which she appears in a bathing suit, drifting in the pool at home Today, it's your birthday, it's the day of the man who convinced me that it's worth having trust the best in the world. I don't know how to thank you for that. Maybe by simply telling you, I LOVE YOU, and you take from here all the energy of a relationship that I, for one, consider perfect The most beautiful Animated and Musical Birthday and Birthday Cards

Over 600 free images with Birthday Bouquet

  1. Today is special not only for you, but also for us, those who care about you, because we are extremely lucky to be part of our lives. Happy birthday! You are the strongest and best person I know, so you deserve all the good things to happen to you, to have health and many smiles
  2. On her birthday, Irina Fodor also wrote a message in the online environment, in which she takes stock of her 32 years. I imagined, being a kid and not knowing how big this world is and how much it has to offer, that, at the age of 32, I will have tried them all and I will have known them all
  3. Children's birthdays are no exception. Virtually all mothers, on the eve of the holiday, are puzzled by what to cook, so that the baby's holiday looks festive and fun and, especially, to be happy with the birthday.
  4. Would you like to design a birthday book, but can't paint? Or you want to prepare an individual decoration for your child's birthday party. You can prepare unique surprises for each anniversary party with the 20 free coloring photos. And you're not fit for the party

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  1. Is there a birthday party on your nose and is the standard recipe boring? We have some tips to help you quickly prepare a festive meal without spending too much effort and precious time. So let's not waste time and consider all kinds of birthday snacks or rather recipes [
  2. The Te Deum service took place on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, at the Patriarchal Cathedral, on the occasion of the birthdays of the Most Reverend Father Patriarch Daniel. After the service, in the Europa Christiana hall of the Patriarchate Palace, the congratulatory messages received from the officials were read. Photo credit: Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu Follow us on Instagram, @ basilica.ro
  3. Photos: plant, flower, petal, romantic, pink, still life, floral greeting, tied, birthday, greeting, greeting card, floristry, congratulations, bouquet.
  4. Postcards with invitation to dayofbirth with photos (2 per page) Replace photos and change the information in this template of postcard with invitation to dayofbirth, for to customize it for your own party, whatever of occasion

PHOTO / Andra celebrated her birthday

  • As they did on Jungkook's birthday, the BTS boys posted photos that no one had ever seen with Rap Monster before. This tradition seems to have become a fan favorite, so these pictures were eagerly awaited by ARMY. Happy birthday, Rap Monster. Source: kpopstarz.co
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  • you, soap, brushes.
  • ut or maybe a little more to tell me today Happy birthday !, you all managed to make my day more beautiful
  • ute, we will create unique gifts that are the pride of the birthday and the brand of the donor. 8x10 Amazing Frame Online Simply hand holding the card instead of the usual chic portrait is enough to insert a photo into an online wedding frame or colorful photo collage.
  • birthday free images. Images placed explicitly in the public domain. You can use all the images in this gallery for anything you want, using them freely for personal and commercial use

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This is an important day for Gabriela Firea. The mayor of the capital celebrates his birthday. On this occasion, in the morning, the beautiful messages full of positive thoughts flowed in chains on the social accounts of the mayor. Among them, and a special message from her husband, Florentin Pandele Free high resolution photo sky, petal, balloon, celebration, food, carnival, wedding, toy, background, party, movement, birthday, baby birthday , taken COOLPIX P900 03/18 2017 Image taken with 170.0mm, f / 5.6s, 10 / 5000s, ISO 125. The image is free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0

Baby cartoons from photos for birthday gift

By Alexandra Miniosu.Posted on 06.04.2020 at 09:19 Updated on 06.04.2020 at 09:19 Big holiday in Pepe's family! Yesterday, the singer and his beautiful wife had reasons to rejoice: one of their daughters, Rosa, turned five years old Exotic daikon satellite dish on top to decorate with a sprig of dill. Exclusive salads with fish and seafood Simple seafood salad will be a brilliant dish on your holiday table, if the guests present are not in a bowl salad or plate, and half a pineapple

You can give a birthday to a birthday a variety of household items. Housewives often miss the key in the lobby, and this item is very useful and pleasing to the eye.Create a place to store the keys, a few small and can mail can be made with wooden items, various fasteners and wicker baskets Greeting cards funny birthdays - they are the ideal solution for a wish that will make you laugh or at least bring a smile. And, what a gift can be more beautiful than a note of optimism that you will give on that special day, to the person you love Alina Ceușan is pregnant with and there is little time left until birth. The future mother takes photos almost every day and posts them on social media pages. In a large part of the images, her belly appears and many followers do not like it. Thus, the star received many negative comments, in which people criticize that she displays her belly so often on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Prince Harry turned 36, and members of the royal family hurried to conveys the warmest wishes on social networks. Meghan Markle received the coup de grace on the day of Prince Harry Thus, Kate Middleton and Prince Wiliiam, but also Prince Charles and [For the bride and groom the wedding is one of the happiest events in their lives. For the photographer it is the responsibility not to miss any detail and to put in the images all the really important moments. As a professional, you need to think about creating lifelong memories for those who chose to be with you on the big day.

Birthday cards men: Today all the flowers in the world are gathered in the most beautiful bouquet. He is for you ... the whole nature today congratulates you. and flowers, and sun, they are all like in stories ... to always step on immortal roses and flowers, to have in your life looks like the rays of the sun, to have a life like in stories with fulfilled dreams. a clear sky and without clouds, may your life be ... to. 14.09.2020 - Birthday cards, birthday cards, birthday cards, birthday cards for children and many other cards. See more ideas about Birthday, Congratulations, Birth Margherita from Clejani celebrates her birthday. On this occasion, her mother Viorica made a musical dedication, but also a wish on social networks, through which she conveyed how proud they are of their daughter, but also the fact that they will always support her. Today we present the best images with torture. If your spouse or any other member of the family is old or celebrating their name day and you want to give them an original cake as a gift, you have arrived exactly where you need to, we offer you the best options for birthday cakes.

PRO TV - Mihaela Rădulescu, the first pictures from the party

  • By Andreea Ionescu.Posted on 22.08.2020 at 11:01 Updated on 22.08.2020 at 11:01 Lili Sandu's emotional message for her husband! Silviu Țolu celebrates his birthday today
  • e: I was born, I found my soul mate and I got engaged. So today is a big holiday for us: 35 years of life, 15 years of relationship and 9 years since the engagement
  • Baby photo collages Photo frames, photo collages, categories - children, children. Photo frame with cat, photo frame for birthday. Image frame size: 2500x2500 pixels
  • united
  • This PPT birthday template uses Xiangyun's opening animation. In the animation, Heshou's red tongue rises and goes straight to the sky. PPT is based on the old man from Shouxing, and the birthday theme is kept. In PPT, I showed happy photos and congratulations on Shouxing's birthday

Happy Birthday, Birthday Wishes - Congratulations

  1. A boy from Great Britain was charged 20 euros for not attending a friend's birthday on Nov. 4. 2014 Traian Băsescu turns 63 on Tuesday
  2. As you learned the shocking news, Taeyeon's father passed away on March 9, the singer's birthday! March 9 was also the official date when the artist had to return with the song Happy, the tragic news causing the delay of the release of her new single. On March 13, Taeyeon posted a picture of her family on Instagram.
  3. Thalia said: I tell you it's my birthday because I always forget the birthdays of the people I love. But every day has to be our birthday. The birthday must be every day. That we are unique, we are special, we do not have to wait for a special day to celebrate
  4. Model and actress, Claudia Schiffer celebrates her birthday on Tuesday. The German woman has reached the age of 50, on which occasion she posted on Instagram a video in which she extinguishes the candles from the birthday cake. She is married to Matthew Vaughn (since 2002) and has three children: Caspar.

To receive free birthday meals, you will want to use the links below to sign up for clubs. During your birthday, you will receive a free birthday meal in the form of an email that can be taken to the restaurant and redeemed. Birthday cards for. Even if life is not the way you want it, even if those you love still upset you, forgive and forget, smile and rejoice with us who wish you today Happy birthday !, the most beautiful thoughts of well-being and health To guarantee the gift as a birthday girl, you should consider a list of things that donating is not recommended. You can't choose it as a gift watch, even if the hero of the day asked about it. If the girl insists and asks to give her only a watch, instead you have to ask for a nominal fee.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Photo Album PPT Template 388. Exquisite Happy Birthday Electronic Photo Album PPT Template, PPT Birthday Template download. Beautiful Happy Birthday electronic photo album. PowerPoint Template Fashion micro-stereo PPT template for pink hot air balloon background, m .. Birthday cards for loved ones. Send a virtual greeting card from the birthday cards category - If you want to make a special gesture for the birthday of a good friend, colleague or family member

Birthday 3: numerological characterization. Personality Inspired, full of vitality, sociable, cheerful and enthusiastic, those born at 3 have the ability to transmit their emotions to others, especially in love and art. They have charisma, grace, brilliance. They are imaginative, they have a sense of color, of the scene, of the little and. Our online greeting card maker gives you the freedom to change your birthday card templates to suit your preferences. You can choose a template, then you can customize the birthday card in any way you want until you are satisfied. Create free greeting cards for your loved ones Birthday Chocolate Cake with M & M's and Kit Cat. Very bright and expressive birthday cake at home. Despite its spectacularity and brightness, it is very easy and simple to prepare. For decoration, you need a large package of M&M whale and chocolate cats. Instead, you can.

The costs of time and financial resources depend on the extent of the planned action and must be calculated in advance. In any case, Peppa Pig-style children's birthdays will be unforgettable for children if it's fun, because children exist in their irrational world, where luxury and sophistication are not primary values. Neymar said he has a close connection with his sister. but this year she missed her birthday for the first time in six years because she had to play against Borussia Dortmund. Rafaella had a relationship with the football player Gabriel Barbosa, Brazilian international legitimated at Flamengo, nicknamed GabiGol Kate Middleton shared unique photos with her husband playing in the garden with their three children to mark Father's Day and Prince William's 38th birthday... The Duchess of Cambridge posted two photos last night, both taken by Kate in the garden of the Norfolk house in Anmer Hall, which capture unique and loving moments between the prince and his children: the prince. At the beginning of April, Simina from the Power of Love became the mother of a beautiful little boy, whom Dominic christened. The beautiful brunette gave birth, in great secrecy, to avoid receiving messages in the first days from supporters and to spend the first days in silence with the baby, who was also baptized. This free Android application will surely remind your friends and family birthdays. That way, you'll never forget another important day, rest assured! Just try it - it's as easy as pie! Do you want to be punctually reminded of your birthday? Or do you prefer a few days in advance? No problem at all - just introduce your friends.

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  1. Gabriela Firea recently announced that she is still thinking until next week if she will launch in the race for the PSD presidential candidates. In the meantime, he celebrated his birthday and posted many photos from the family party, as if signaling an entry into the election campaign.
  2. Print personalized photo card with Cewe.ro. Edit and order greeting card with online editor or My Fotolumea software
  3. The Children's Guide. com teaches you how to make an original packaging to give gifts. On this occasion we developed a recycling manual that has multiple uses: it is a box for storing souvenirs and a photo frame in the form of a camera. This is an easy boat to make and is ideal as a gift for the Father for Father's Day or birthday.
  4. Suitable for all special occasions: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc., which comes from eternal love, grateful Thank you, sincere apologies, I sincerely hope. Material: foam. This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife, who shows you true long-term love for her

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We recommend our special collection with birthday wishes, The most beautiful wishes for the birthday of your loved ones! I ALSO RECOMMEND: Love SMS, Birthday SMS, New Year SMS, MOTHER SMS, Easter SMS, Christmas SMS. Life is like a dream, sometimes beautiful, sometimes overshadowed by clouds of sadness, like a spark, year after year we extinguish and yet crumble. Home decoration DIY birthday gift painting. Pre DIY Modular Oil Painting Pictures Painting For Living Room Colorful Hand Painted Animal Wall Art High Quality Photos, Specifications, Customer Reviews And Accessories. Catalog. Confidentiality agreement. Conditions of use Few people know what the future mother-in-law of the presenter from 'Neața with Răzvan and Dani looks like. Gabriela Prisăcariu, aged 26, inherited the beauty from her mother. The two look like two drops. The model recently wrote a wish for her mother, because today is her birthday

PHOTO / Răzvan Fodor's wife, in a bathing suit

The Romanian turned 24 on June 26 and celebrated her birthday in Stoney Creek, Ontario, where she settled. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Diana Belbiță spent more time at home. She recently posted on Instagram a photo in which she showed her fans how to relax at the pool in the yard, next to her favorite, the dog of the Cane Corso Birthday 18 breed: numerological characterization. Personality Able, strong, brave and determined, those born on the 18th almost always fulfill what they have in mind. They are independent, ardent and idealistic, but not enough to lose touch with reality

Birthday sandwiches - recipe with photos

Metropolitan Teofan will consecrate on Sunday, September 13, an important parish ensemble from Botoșani, in Bucecea. The date chosen for the consecration - September 13 has a special charge for the parish community of Saint John the Baptist - Bucecea. It is the birthday of the one who initiated the construction of the church thirty years ago, and in 2018 Congratulations with day of birth! Get caught up of happiness and joy .. forgive .. smile .. express yourself .. relax .. breathe deeply .. love! May your good thoughts come true, your dreams come true, your true friends always stay close to you, and your love be the one for that is worth living a life, o. Anniversary of your friendship • Your BFF's birthday • Christmas • Just to make your girlfriend or boyfriend smile A personalized booklet about you and your BFF - full of the most beautiful memories, the craziest and most unexpected photos, but still interesting things about friendship. Free Birthday and Happy Birthday gifs for birthday and birthday party. The day party can take place at home, in a restaurant or outdoors. At children's parties are balloons, food, drinks, games, music, gifts, cakes and lots of fun.

An ideal choice for a photo ID card, to give as a gift to grandparents or to always have your loved one's photo with you. Product information: Paper: photographic. Dimensions: XL Photo Set: 1 pc. 13 x 18 cm. 1 pc. 9 x 13 cm. 2 pcs. photos on an area of ​​9 x 13 cm (9 x 6.5 cm / photo From the photos it is clear that it was a big day party, where Marius sang with his mother, and the guests had a great time A sincere thank you to all the guests who were with us Marius thank you for all the gifts offered

September 27, 2017 Stelian Cornea Comments Off on Where Simona Halep Spends her Birthday Simona Halep turns 26 today. She is celebrating her day in China, where she participated this week in the Wuhan tournament and will play, starting with Monday, in the Beijing Forgotten Tournament for Romanians. Patricia Ţig, also defeated in Palermo. Romanian tennis player Patricia Ţig was defeated by Estonian Anett Kontaveit 6-3, 6-3, on Tuesday night, in the first round of the WTA tournament in Palermo (Italy). Kontaveit (24, 22 WTA), the fourth favorite, won after one hour and 34

Free birthday cakes: coloring pictures

27.12.2019 - Birthday cards - Happy birthday Surprise ready for the birthday. What does the sexiest grandmother in the world look like at 50 years old. Surprise ready for the birthday. 23-09-2020 21:02 The Australian has hundreds of thousands of fans on social networks, which she pampers with photos in the sexiest poses When it's your birthday, a birthday story is created distributed on Facebook in which you and your friends can add photos, videos, birthday cards and memories throughout the day Adrian Mutu, emotional message for his son's birthday Although when he was just a little boy, Mario, looked more like Alexandra, now he began to look more and more like his father. On his son's birthday, Adrian Mutu posted several photos on social networks, in which he is surprised by Mario's evolution and wrote a.

Simple birthday solutions: snack recipes

  • Get personalized dog portrait photos for your pet's birthday or gift for lost pets.
  • Contents0.1 display1 Wonderful table decoration for children's birthday with balloons2 Decorating the effective table for children's birthday 2.1 Colorful table decoration for children's birthday2.2 Decorating the table for children's birthday - a good meal organized, with many goodies! display Search for new and creative ideas for [
  • Today, September 24, is Cristina Ciobănașu's birthday. The Happy Channel star turns 22 years old. Messages for Criss have been appearing on social media since midnight. One of the first people to wish Cristina Happy Birthday is Vlad Gherman, her boyfriend
  • Happy birthday card. Free picture. Free for personal and commercial use. Oh no! You are old! greeting card wishes free graphics copyright free images birthday happy birthday are old book birthday strange balloon rabbit. Professional stock photos $ 1.
  • 17.12.2019 - Explore Violeta M.'s board Happy Birthday pictures on Pinterest. See more ideas about Congratulations, Birthday, Birthday

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Join the IHOP Pancake Revolution and you'll receive three free meals: one for registration, one for your birthday, and another for the date you signed up. 11 - Moe's Southwest Barbecue Sign up to receive Moe's newsletter and you'll receive a coupon for a free birthday burrito White and thick photo albums are long gone, now you can enjoy true of photos viewed. One of these options - a garland of photos. Something as bright and unusual as a birthday gift for a child in the first year of his life will surely be remembered by all guests and. I miss you every day. "Your birthday is coming up, I wish I could celebrate with you one last time," Bonnie wrote. Thank you for being there for my graduation, now I am so grateful that I have that moment with you. Cecily posted a photo of Beth in a hot tub with flowers in her hair

Pictures: plant, flower, petal, romantic, pink, nature

ideas For Day Of Birth Taylors Good Morning. Pin on Birthday. Jun 29, 2020 - Fantastických photos řasy fons Popular, Edit I made ⭐️ řasy chrání oko před nečistotami, prachem a malými částicemi a provádět některé stejných funkcí jako vousy dělat na kočku nebo myš s tom smyslu, že mohou být. Photo Birthday collage. Step 2: Upload your photo Photo Editing- & gt Photo Frames for Kids Photo Manipulations- & gt Frames for More Pictures Online Photo Frames- & gt Birthday Frames Online Photo Effects- & gt Photo Frames 3 Photos Photo Editing- > Baloan Săptămâna aniversării FUT, care a început pe 31 martie, aduce o mulțime de lucruri gratuite pentru fanii FUT la ziua de 8 ani a unuia dintre cele mai populare moduri de joc de pe FIFA. Echipa de ziua de naștere a FUT include jucători precum Fernando Torres, David Villa, Andy Cole, David Luiz și multe altele în vârfurile lor din.

Cărți poștale cu invitație la ziua de naștere cu

Teo Trandafir își aniversează, azi 2 iunie 2020, ziua de naștere. Vedeta Kanal D împlinește 52 și ca de obicei la Teo show va fi de mare sărbătoare. Vedeta se va bucura de zeci de surprize din partea unor invitați speciali, iar cadourile vor curge Super Giveaway! 3 Programe Gratuite Pentru Ziua Îndrăgostiților. mihai februarie 10, 2015 Video & Fotografii. Save Saved Removed 1. Deal Score 0. 1 5 . Deal Score 0. 1 5 . PearlMountainSoft ofera Greeting Card Builder - un program usor de folosit pentru creeare felicitari pentru zilele de naștere,.

Ce să dea soției sale pentru ziua de naștere: idei de cadouri. Conținutul articolului. Ar trebui spus în prealabil că dispozitivele orientate spre profesioniști au costat aproximativ 2-6 mii de ruble (pentru probele de mai sus). Dar fiecare bănuț se justifică cu interes. toate marile magazine de electrocasnice oferă. Astăzi, Principele Radu al României își sărbătorește ziua de naștere. Majestatea Sa și Alteța Sa Regală petrec ziua la Săvârșin, în familie. Principele Radu mulțumește tuturor celor care îi adresează gânduri generoase și îi urează la mulți ani în această zi! Biografia ASR Principelui Radu. Fotografii de Cristian Coposes Dacă se aproprie ziua ta de naștere Zmeișorii vin să te ajute cu pregatirile. Acest pachet conține tot ce trebuie pentru a organiza cea mai colorată și veselă petrecere. Trimite invitațiile, decorează, pregătește activitățiile pentru petrecere și distracția poate începe Zi mare în familia Andreei Antonescu. Artista își sărbătorește astăzi ziua de naștere. Mama și fiica sa, Sienna, în vârstă de 9 ani, i-au pregătit o supriză, chiar de dimineață Canva face designul uimitor de simplu (și super distractiv)! Creează designuri uimitoare pentru locul de muncă, viață și joacă - chiar dacă nu ești expert în design! Indiferent dacă ai nevoie de o poveste Instagram, de un creator de sigle sau de o invitație la ziua de naștere, poți îndeplini toate aceste cerințe de design grafic și altele în Canva

Nume de fete RARE pentru fiecare litera a alfabetului

Raina, Remi, Reea, Rena, Rosa, Rozalinda, Rada, Rafaela, Rafia, Radmila, Raisa, Rane, Rita, Rica, Romina, etc.

Cum faci cel mai simplu și delicios crumble cu căpșuni

Pentru că suntem în plin sezon al căpșunilor coapte, încercăm să profităm din plin de gustul și aroma lor și le includem în cât mai multe rețete de gustări și deserturi delicioase, dintre care și această Rețetă de crumble cu căpșuni.

Rețetele de crumble sunt printre cele mai rapide și frecvente rețete de deserturi cu fructe, alături de tarte și plăcinte, iar aluatul pentru crumble este un aluat fraged, foarte nisipos ce dă o notă aparte desertului.

Ce ne trebuie pentru Rețeta de crumble cu căpșuni:

  • 150 g unt rece
  • 300 g flour
  • 2 linguri pesmet
  • 100 g sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 250 g căpșune
  • 2 plicuri zahăr vanilinat
  • 20 g unt pentru uns forma

Cum preparăm Rețeta de crumble cu căpșuni

Pentru aluatul de crumble, cernem făina într-un vas, apoi o amestecăm cu zahărul și pesmetul.

Scoatem untul de la frigider, îl tăiem în cuburi și îl adăugăm peste ingredientele din vas.

Cu vârfurile degetelor frământăm ingredientele, până obținem un aluat nisipos. Acoperim aluatul cu o folie alimentară și îl dăm la frigider până când pregătim vasul și căpșunile.

Căpșunile spălate bine și scurse, le tăiem în două sau în patru, în funcție de mărimea lor.

Ungem o forma de copt cu unt și presărăm la baza ei un strat subțire de aluat.

Așezăm căpșunile, presărăm zahăr vanilinat peste ele și le acoperim cu restul de aluat pe care îl sfărâmăm deasupra lor.

Dăm vasul la cuptor pentru 30-35 de minute la 180 de grade, sau până când aluatulse rumenește frumos la suprafață și este crocant.

Se lasă să se tempereze, apoi se poate servi presărat cu puțin zahăr pudră, cu aromă de vanilie.

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Dulceata de kiwi

Anul asta, din diverse motive, am ratat dulceata de capsuni si de caise, care erau de baza pentru noi, pentru clatite si papanasi in principal. Asa ca trebuie sa recuperez la capitolul dulceata, insa toata familia insista sa incercam lucruri noi.

Si ce poate fi mai nou decat o reteta de dulceata de kiwi? Chiar daca nu am mai facut niciodata pana acum, reteta a fost simplu de pus cap la coada. Am respectat proportia clasica de la dulceata 1:1 (1 kg de fructe pentru 1 kg de zahar), asta ca sa nu mai fie nevoie sa un conservant si a functionat foarte bine, a iesit o dulceata superba! Pentru un plus de gust, am pus si suc de lamaie dar si un pic de vanilie si rom. Hai sa nu ne mai intindem si sa va arat dulceata magica!

Ingrediente Dulceata de kiwi pentru 4 borcane de 320g:

  • 1,2 kg kiwi (e bine sa aveti un pic mai mult peste 1 kg, pentru ca pierdeti la curatat)
  • 1 kg zahar
  • zeama de la o jumatate de lamaie
  • 1/8 lingurita esenta de vanilie
  • 1/8 lingurita esenta de rom
  • 200ml water

Am curatat kiwi cat de subtire am putut, apoi i-am taiat in jumatate, am scos partea alba care e mai lemnoasa si am taiat fructele cubulete. Am pus zaharul peste fructe si am amestecat bine, apoi am mutat totul in cratita, am turnat peste apa, esentele si sucul de lamaie. Am lasat dulceata sa fiarba circa o ora, timp in care a scazut destul de mult si kiwi a fost moale.

Dupa o ora de fiert, am folosit o paleta pentru piure si am strivit kiwi, insa nu de tot, pentru ca dulceata arata mai bine daca sunt si bucati mai mari de fruct. Am mai lasat sa fiarba 20 de minute si am spumat des. Am verificat apoi consistenta dulcetii. Am pus o lingurita de dulceata pe o farfurioara si am lasat-o sa se raceasca de tot, apoi am verificat daca s-a gelifiat sau nu. Intre timp am sterilizat in cuptor borcanele in cuptor, apoi am turnat dulceata in borcane. Le-am sigilat si le-am lasat sa se raceasca in paturi timp de 2 zile. Intreaga procedura pentru dunst in patura pentru dulceata o gasiti la reteta dulceata de capsuni.

Asta e dulceata de kiwi si desi am banuit ca sambureii imi vor da ceva bataie de cap, nici nu se simt! E dulce insa echilibrata datorita sucului de lamaie dar si foarte aromata datorita esentelor. Abia astept sa o testam cu adevarat la o portie de clatite. You're welcome!

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